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Greetings, Visitor. Welcome to my page. I'm Morris. Morris the Cat. I'm glad you came to visit me as I'm not anti-social in the slightest! My Mother helped me set up this page so I could tell you about myself and how wonderful I am. As you can tell, part of how great I am is my humble and modest attitude. :=)

I'm a light gray, short haired Tabby. I'm a boy of course. My Mother thinks I'm great. She has all kinds of nick names for me: "Kitty," "Little Buddy," "Sweetie," "Big Boy," and "Bad Kitty," just to name a few. And she has given me several official titles to show just how important I am: "King of the House," "The Great Grey Hunter," "Protector of the Toilet Paper Roll," and "Evil Cat," just to name a few. My Father thinks I'm great too and he has quite a few nick names and titles for me as well, but my Mother says I shouldn't repeat them in mixed company. She's probably right: all the other cats might get jealous if they hear just how special and important I am. :p

My interests are varied. I'm quite the Renaissance Cat. I like: napping, eating, napping, hunting bugs, napping, following my Mother around the house, napping, warming the laps of the people I love, napping, extensive exploration (especially closets, cabinets, boxes, and any dark place I can fit into), napping, grooming, napping, biting my Mother's ankles until she pets me when she wakes up in the morning, napping, people watching, oh, and did I mention napping?

I was a rescue pet and my Family adopted me. Well, that's what they'd like to think anyway. Actually, I chose them. They were the ones adopted, not me. But I let them think they chose me because of my generous and warm hearted nature. I've been the proud Owner of my Family and especially my Mother since I was six weeks old, so about a year and a half now. I plan on keeping my Family forever because they really love me and they let me hoard toilet paper rolls in my litter box. Also, my Mommy likes to write about me. Look at this!

Below are some pictures of my beautiful self. Take a look.

As you can see, I'm uncoventional:

I'm also generous with my body heat and attentions:

And I'm pretty darned sexy too!

I'm currently in competition in Pet Menagerie and Playful Pets. Please vote for me (Morris) in both of them. You know you want to! (Only one vote per day, per email/IP. Links open in a new window.)

Some goodies from Playful Pets!

Some goodies from Pet Menagerie!

Well that's it for now. Thanks for visiting me. It was nice for you to meet me. ;)

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