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About Me:

Thanks for taking an interest in reading about me. As you can tell by now, I love to write poetry! Some of my other interests include: my Christian faith (click here to read my expanded personal testimony posted on my Clams for Christ website) and you can read some of my Christian writing by clicking here and by going to my other site Clams for Christ. I'm also an avid reader (both fiction and non-fiction), I enjoy listening to music of all genres, watching and discussing movies, working out, fishing, collecting lighthouse, elephant, turtle, angel, and butterfly figurines, volunteering (with the elderly mostly), and most of all, spending time with family and friends. Right now I am an LPN working both in a hospital on a Med/Surg unit and in home health. Soon I will be returning to school to finish up getting my RN, thanks be to God!

I'm currently separated from my husband of 26 years and I am raising my two youngest children (ages 14 and 16) as a single Mom. Please keep us all in your prayers as God leads us through this difficult time of transition and transformation.

All told I have four children. Two are now adults that I'm very proud to have been a part of bringing into this world and raising into two good people. Both Rachel (age 25) and Niall (age 19) are very smart, good looking, and kind. They are both students as well and I have high hopes for their futures. My youngest two (previously mentioned) are honor students, in band, and sports. All of my children are talented at a variety of things: writing, drawing, singing, musical instruments, and sports. God has truly blessed my husband and me with fantastic children and we are both very thankful!

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I hope you feel you've gotten to know me and my family a bit better.

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