"Your Nurse"

In the early hours
and all through the night,
I'll answer each call bell
or if you prefer, call light.

I'll wash my hands a thousand times
in the course of one shift,
even though my hands get raw,
to avoid a microbrial gift!

I'll fill out reams of paper work
and check and double check your name,
just to keep you safe.
I'm sorry if that drives you insane!

I will change your sheets and linens,
especially for a blood stain.
And I'll bring you your medicine
to help relieve your pain.

I'll clean up any messes
and I'll change your dressing.
I'll politely ignore personal issues
that do not need addressing.

I'll fluff up your pillows
and bring you a warm cover.
I'll reposition you for comfort
or even help you to turn over.

I'll listen to your feelings
of sorrow and of grief.
And commiserate with you
when you lament that time's a thief.

I'll listen to your heart beat
and count your every breath.
And do my darndest
to beat back death.

I'll hold your hand tight
as you lie there dying.
Then comfort your family
in the hallway while they're crying.

I'll do all of this and more
in this job some might curse.
It's my blessing and my calling
to give you care, to be your nurse!

Copyright 2015 Heather S. Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.