"If the World Was New Again"

"If the world was new again,"
I asked myself one day,
"what would it be like?" I wondered.
And then I heard the Lord say...

"As the sun rises in the east,
the world is new each dawn.
Yesterday's troubles are
behind you, they are forever gone."

"Each new day brings a new slate
and you can write yourself a new song,
or a poem, story, book, or letter.
And it doesn't matter if it's short or long."

"The world is new each and every day,
as sure as the sun rises above.
It's your choice what to do with it.
It's a gift to you, a sign of My love."

"When you awaken each morning,
I give you an important choice.
How will you choose to use this day,
how will you use your voice?"

"There is no need for you to wonder
about if the world was new again.
It's new right now if you choose, child.
You just need to look within."

Copyright 2009 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved