Words can bring peace.
Words can bring joy.
Or words can tear down,
wreck, or destroy.

A sentence can show love,
or show someone hate.
So may I be careful Lord,
what I communicate.

A tongue can build monuments,
or sink mighty ships.
So may I guard carefully,
what passes through my lips.

Whether a mere comment,
sentence, or phrase,
nothing pleases God,
as much as our praise.

So guard the tongue carefully,
so it becomes not a sword.
Measure every sentence,
so itís pleasing to the Lord.

Yea, may my words,
bring hope for tomorrow.
And bring peace to my brothers,
and chase away sorrow.

May my words lift up,
and show the Lord praise.
May my words show Godís light,
for the rest of my days.

© Copyright 2010 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.