Pardon my confusion~
but I do not understand~
this blatant intrusion~
and the weapon in your hand.

What did I do~
to warrant this assault?
Did I somehow hurt you?
Is your pain my fault?

Why do you beat me?
Why make me black and blue?
How badly you mistreat me~
just for loving you.

Iím tired of the bruises.
Iíve had broken bones and now a scar.
Everyone here loses~
when you take things too far.

I can no longer give you love.
I can only run and hide.
And with every push and shove~
Iím closer to suicide.

Packed bags, taxi cab~
phone calls in the night.
Conceal the latest bruise and scab~
and rush to catch my flight. . .

I believe I saved myself~
and that Iíve saved you too.
I saved you from yourself~
and the violence you might do.

Iíve changed my name~
and Iíve changed my life.
Hiding in terror and shame~
because I am your wife.

Copyright © 1999 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.

Office on Violence Against Women