Welcome to my garden.
Take the south path through the willow trees.
Listen to the singing of the birds.
Ane feel the caress of a gentle breeze.

You notice many things as you travel this path.
Rose bushes, stone benches, and fountains.
Trellises and statues dot the secenery.
In the distance you see great mountains.

The path you're on leads to a clearing~
beyond which is a clear running stream.
You can hear the gentle rushing of the water~
as you travel through the emerald green.

As you approach the banks~
of the stream just beyond the trail~
you see that flowers are blooming~
and you instinctively inhale.

This is the time of year when~
roses are in full bloom.
Their aroma intoxicates you~
and you are filled with sweet perfume.

Off to the east, is another path~
you fight walking there with mild resistance.
But you cannot resist, you must continue~
toward the gazebo there in the distance.

So you walk this path that runs~
along the sparkling stream~
surrounded by rose bushes in bloom.
For you, this is just like a dream.

As you draw closer to the structure you seek~
you see someone standing in profile~
inside the gazebo in a waiting stance~
Of who this is there can be no denial.

Your love awaits you in this garden~
of roses, water, and stone.
You hesitate only for a moment~
then rush in to the arms of your loved one.

Welcome to my garden.
Where dreams of love come true.
As you take the path to the gazebo~
who is waiting there for you?

Copyright 1999 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.