Wait no longer lass.
Your lover will never return.
I know this to be a fact little one.
For at sea I saw his body burn.
He was a brave young man.
Of that I will testify.
It was my life he was saving~
when your lover fell and died.
An enemy's dagger pierced his heart.
The heart that belonged to you.
He whispered to me of his love dear lass.
And he told me what I should do.
"Take care of her friend of mine~
for she's all the world to me.
Tell her of my love for her~
and that I have died at sea."
Those were his last words little one.
And I will see his wishes through.
Hear me lass, I owe him this.
Oh, he was in love with you!
Please don't cry dear lass.
Wipe away every tear.
For if you listen close enough~
you'll sense his spirit is near.

Copyright 1986 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.