"Trip to Galgotha"

Everyday I take a trip to Galgotha,
and I carry hammer and nails,
or an old rugged cross.

And everyday I choose whether
to forget or remember
what my salvation cost.

Everyday I choose to either
cast lots for spoils or
take lashes to my bare back.

And everyday along that road I either
stumble along side Him
or viciously attack.

Everyday as I climb that hill
I either stand with the crowd or
humbly bend the knee.

And everyday Iím either crucified with Him
or nailing Him again to that old
splintered tree.

Everyday as I go to Galgotha
I choose whether to
extract or to pay a price.

Everyday I go to Galgotha
Iím either a willful executioner
or a willing sacrifice.

And dear Lord as I go to Galgotha
please help me to remember
You are with me.

And please remind me that
it was Your Sonís trip there
that finally set me free.

© Copyright 2011 Heather S. Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.