My tears and the rain are falling as one.
My cloudy heart has hidden the sun.
But my eyes are open to the light that's left.
I now realize that it's for the best.

How could I have been so very blind?
How could I follow my heart and not my mind?
What on earth was I thinking of~
When I allowed myself to fall in love?

Was it fate that lit my path?
Or was is it a warning of impending wrath?
The wrath of love that tears you apart?
The wrath of love that breaks your heart?

A better stranger I never knew~
than the one I found in you.
Your heart was closed to letting me in~
but I caught glimpses now and then.

I saw little pieces of who you were.
It wasn't too clear, perhaps just a blur.
But I gained insight from those tiny visions.
And I let them influence all my decisions.

It didn't take long for me to see~
that you weren't really in love with me.
You had built an image that you desired.
These were not true feelings that I inspired.

You cannot love someone you don't really know.
And so it is time that I let you go.
Time to dry my dears and carry on.
You probably won't even notice when I am gone.

Copyright 1992 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.