This poem was my first writing assignment for S.U.G.A.R. The theme was summer!

Summer Love

I remember one summer vacation-
And how it was oh so romantic!
The heat wasn’t just from the sun.
It was passion, turning us frantic!

We swam in the depths of the sea-
in swimsuits, sunscreen, and lust.
Frolicking and playing in the sand-
our hearts built a castle of trust.

The blazing sun shone down and-
kissed our skin with bronze complexion.
While our lives also changed hue-
we started heading in the same direction.

That summer certainly gave us a gift-
besides the sun, the warmth, and the tan.
It brought us a life time of love-
for this woman and her wonderful man!

© Copyright 2009. Heather Bahnmaier (aka Lady Wednesday Moon)