Hello and welcome! This is my Spirit/Fairy Page for Mystickal Realms. I am Spirit Poetess. Below are some cheers I wrote for dusting Mystickal Realms' fighters' guest books, a couple of my favorite signature tags and wands (I love them all but I didn't wanna share them all at once, I want you to be surprised when I sign your guest book!), and hopefully as time goes on I'll be adding additional things like gifts and awards so be sure to visit again soon!

A couple of wands that I use:

A couple of my signature tags (these were gifts from Spirit of Darkness):

Dusting Awards:

Committee Award:

Staff Appreciation Awards:

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Some cheers I wrote:

Cheer #1

Just some well wishes~
for you and your site~
from the Mystickal Fae~
by way of this sprite!

Yes, with a sprinkle of faery dust~
and lots of good cheer~
now you know Spirit ______ was here!

Cheer #2

See the stars how they twinkle~
Feel the love as dust I sprinkle~
For your site from me to you~
With lots of cheer and good luck too!

Twas honored to be your guest~
Your site is one of the best~
Now its time for me to fly~
But Im glad that I flew by!

Cheer #3

Spirit ____ has just fluttered in~
leaving you cheer with a happy grin!!!!!

Shes saying it loud so you can hear it~
And leaving you gifts with lots of spirit:

She was happy to visit you and your site~
and wishes you well in your Mystickal fight!

Cheer #4

Youve been visited by Mystickal Fae~
Who flew in bringing cheer your way!

Shes leaving you spirit and a lucky gift~
and shes hoping to give your spirits a lift!

Now its your turn to send out a cheer!
Make it loud and proud so all can hear!

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