"Songs in the Night"

There are times even in broad daylight,
when our lives become a long, dark night.
When weíre all alone with no help in sight.
When we have no hope in the midst of our plight.

There are times when we feel all alone.
And that we must fight completely on our own.
We donít know a thing, the answer is not known.
No soft place to fall in a world made of stone.

We fall into the pit of complete despair.
Thereís not another soul who seems to care.
We look around for rescue but it just isnít there.
We look so hard for love, but it isnít anywhere.

But in that darkest night we still have a choice,
to raise our weary arms and lift up our voice.
Even in the deepest pit we can still rejoice.
Though our hearts are breaking and our eyes are moist.

For we are not alone in this bitter fight.
God is ever with us and it will be alright.
God will be our comfort and bring to us His light.
For He has given to us songs in the night.

© Copyright 2009 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.