I'm sitting on the curb-
smoking a cigarette-
waiting for a ride-
from the guy with the ‘vette.

Says he's gonna to take me-
to the factory-
to see if he can get-
a job for me.

I need this job-
to pay all the bills.
I'm not gonna use the money-
to pay for cheap thrills.

I need to buy my kids-
some brand new shoes-
I swear I won't blow it-
on women and booze.

My wife says she needs a-
a pretty new dress.
So I'm not gonna party-
and make another mess.

I'm gonna work hard-
if I get hired-
I won't screw around-
and end up gettin' fired.

I've done that before-
many times I guess.
But this time's different-
I'm gonna do my best.

I'm not gonna get drunk-
no, I'm not gonna fail.
No more missing rent-
just to make my bail.

I'm sitting on the curb-
waiting for a ride-
to get myself a job-
to get back my pride.

Copyright © 1999 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.