"Words from a Simple Poetess"

Wow! He can use big words-
in some random sequence!
Never mind dear friends-
if they donít make sense.
The key is to seem clever-
in each ďartsyĒ sentence.

And so he uses words with-
three or four syllables-
and strings them together-
like so many decimals-
with unique line spacing-
done by printing professionals.

But what does he mean?
What the hell is he saying?
With all those pretty words-
could it be that heís praying?
I cannot tell because-
my attention is straying...

If you wanna write poetry-
the key to the art-
is not to worry about-
looking witty or smart.
Just show your audience-
what's in your heart.

© Copyright 2009 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.