This is my Mystickal Realms' Hall of Ma'ati Page. I am Seshat, Assistant Team Leader for Hall of Ma'ati. I assist Team Leader Queen Keket. I chose the name Seshat as she is the Egyptian goddess of writing among other things. Since I love to write I thought it appropriate. Hall of Ma'ati is for sites in the Mystickal Realms competition that feature things like Egyptian animals and dieties, mythology, ancient lore, ancient cultures, history of all kinds, exploration, action adventure movies, and more. It's a fantastic team and I'm truly honored to serve them. If your site features any of the things I mentioned you should join us!

Below are some cheers I wrote for the team, some gifts I've received, and some team graphics that show my Spirit and Pride in and for Hall of Ma'ati. I hope to have even more to share soon so check back! Note: all links open in a new window.

My Hall of Ma'ati Oracle Card (A gift from Queen Keket)

My Hall of Ma'ati Blinkie (A gift from Queen Keket)

My Halloween Gift from Queen Keket!

Even though I'm a staff member I consider myself a member too.

A gift I received for showing my support by voting.

My Egyptian themed snow globe adoption (it reminded me of HOM).

Awards I've won:

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Cheers I've donated to the team!

My Cheer #1

Of Hall of Ma'ati
what can be said?
Our names are written
in the Book of the Dead.

But make no mistake
our Spirit survives
And never forget
Our cheer - it thrives

We reign supreme.
We're champions at heart.
Our Spirit surpasses
and will never depart!

Cheer #2

Hall of Ma'ati is in the pyramid
We don't jest and we don't kid!
See our Spirit soar to the skies
A fantastic Phoenix, a feast for the eyes!

Cheer #3

One thing is sure as we
Journey down the Nile,
Hall of Ma'ati has Spirit
and there can be no denial!

One thing I know is that
our team can't be beat.
So shout out and cheer.
Clap your hands. Stomp your feet!

Stoic like the Sphinx.
Brave like the god Horus.
One thing is for sure,
there's no way to ignore us!

So show the Realms your Spirit.
Show us all your pride.
Hall of Ma'ati is the best.
And our victory won't be denied!

Cheer #4

Fighting with pride and dignity
We let out a cheer for all to see
Hall of Ma'ati is on the path to victory!

Cheer #5

I am here
to bring you cheer.
To show spirit
Bringing you near it.
Hall Ma'ati is the best
North, South, East and West.
So that is why I cheer:
So all of you can hear,
and that all of you will know-
Hall of Ma'ati will never go!

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