Autumn is Coming

Autumn is coming.
The leaves have turned yellow.
The color of champagne.
Though not sparkling but mellow.
ďAutumn is upon us.Ē
Remarks a young fellow.
As animals are busy gathering-
getting ready to lay low.

Autumn is coming.
The leaves have turned gold.
They are beautiful still-
though they have grown old.
The breeze blows much cooler.
Summer is losing Her hold.
It wonít be long now-
before it is completely cold.

Autumn is coming.
The leaves have turned red.
Itís as if they are wounded.
The way they have bled.
The chill has more bite now as
Summer lowers Her head.
Whatís left of the warmth-
now hangs by a thread.

Autumn is here now.
The leaves have turned brown.
The fall season crept in.
And it made not a sound.
The leaves loosed from limbs-
float ever gently down.
Becoming an earthy blanket-
upon the hard ground.

© Copyright 2009 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.






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