Don't wipe away your tears~
I like them there.
No one has ever told you~
that life is fair.

Don't try to fight them~
or run away.
You've got to hold out~
just one more day.

You've tried to be open~
about your thoughts and emotions.
While I have run off~
and sailed all seven oceans.

Has the world stabbed at your soul~
while you have waited for me?
Does the world seem a lot colder~
while I'm away at sea?

Don't question yourself~
as you wait by the shore.
Don't rebuke yourself~
if you can't take anymore.

Don't give up on our love~
for I'll soon be returning.
This world has no light for me~
so keep the candle burning.

Though we are separated~
together we stand.
One on the ocean~
and one on the land.

Copyright 1992 Heather Bahnmaier. All rights reserved.