Your eyes are like the sea.
Sometimes calm, sometimes stormy.
But I know their loving gaze
Rest only upon me.

Your arms are like pillars
holding me up above the madness
Resting in those arms
I feel no trace of sadness

Your mouth is like a flower.
Speaking only words so sweet,
your tongue is a delicate petal
uttering words to ground my feet.

Your mind is like a sword
Sharp in its lucidity
Whenever I need guidance
you are sure to give it to me.

Your heart is like the moon.
It rests like a pearl in my hand.
Whatever you desire of me,
you need only to command.

Your soul is like a bird,
soaring through the sky
It takes me with you,
to places upon high.

Your love is like a house.
It is my shelter, my home.
The love you freely give,
Is the sweetest Iíve ever known.

Copyright © 1987.Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.