This was written for my WORD Group's Challenge. We were challenged to write an ode of some sort, so I wrote one for one of my favorite month's of the year!

Ode To the Month of June

Ode to the month of June.
When it’s warm beneath sun and moon.
When the sun blazes high in the sky
Like a bright, fiery, golden eye!
It envelopes us and kisses our skin,
While we lie beneath or go for a swim.
This is the month to enjoy cool waters.
Barbeque and celebrate fathers.
Time for vacations and trips to the shore.
It all seems new, though we’ve been before.
School is out and fun begins,
in the great outdoors with all our friends!
It’s time for shorts and bare little feet,
for the kids outdoors in the hot summer heat.
Everything in nature is awake with bright hues!
The grass is green, the sky brilliant blues!
The birds sing to us a joyful song.
The nights are warm and the days are long.
The warm breeze is alive with flowers’ perfume.
These are the joys and delights of June!

© Copyright 2010 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.