A Modern Day Psalm

My enemies are everywhere.
Iím soon to be over taken.
Fear rules my heart.
And my faith is deeply shaken.

Fear not My child.
I am right here beside you.
Trust only in Me.
And My pinions will hide you.
You are never alone.
When you obey all of My commands.
Love with all your heart.
And I will keep you in My hands.

The well has run dry.
The fields are standing empty.
I thirst and I hunger.
Gone are the days of plenty.

Be not anxious.
Drink of My cup. Eat of My bread.
Trust only in Me.
And your spirit will be fed.
I am Your Lord.
Your soul I will feed.
I will give you sustenance.
And fill your every need.

My bones are brittle.
How my body does ache.
The shadow of death is upon me.
And it is more than I can take.

Do not despair.
You are never alone.
Trust only in Me.
I take care of My own.
You are My beloved.
And I hold you in My palm.
Put your faith in Me.
And I will be your healing balm.
Nothing can defeat you.
Or take you away from Me.
Not even death can steal you.
Iím with you for all eternity.

© Copyright 2009 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.