All I know is that as I get older
the tears they cry fall heavier on my shoulder.
Those that look to me soon find themselves blind
because all of their emotions are stuck in a bind

People understand me less and less
because my thoughts are all a jumbled mess.
I can only talk about myself so much
before I find that I have completely lost touch.

Itís harder these days to sleep at night
and all of my dreams are in black and white.
I canít sit still or stay in one place
for fear Iíll fall down and lose the race.

Iíve done my best to be their everything
but itís a sad, sad song that I sing.
I failed them all and badly at that
and so I watch them leave without looking back.

And so it goes when one gets old
the world grows cruel and all the more cold
and loneliness is now my only companion
because thereís no one left who can abandon

copyright © 2001 Heather Bahnmaier all rights reserved.