Sweet, Sweet Lucy (for Lucy Vodden)

Sweet, sweet Lucy,
floating high,
like a diamond in the sky.
Now itís time to say good bye.
Lucy no longer has to cry.

Sweet, sweet Lucy.
Shining star.
A song heard in the car.
A song sung in the bar.
I wonder where you are.
Not too close, not too far.

Sweet, sweet Lucy.
Still you shine.
Your song lives on and itís all mine.
Hum the tune so very fine.
In perfect measure, perfect time.
You live on in tune, in rhyme.

Sweet, sweet Lucy.
Burning bright.
Brilliant diamond in the night.
Share with us your beaming light.
Stay with us in our sight.
One day weíll get it right.

© Copyright 2009. Heather Bahnmaier. All rights reserved.