Love is a blanket.
It wraps around you~
keeping you safe, warm, and cozy.
Love protects you~
from the cold and harsh world.
Love gives you shelter~
yet it also gives you freedom.
Love does not need to understand.
It only needs to share.
Love is your cover.

Love is a pedestal.
It lifts you up~
for the world to see.
Love is not critical.
It does not judge or condemn.
Love is support.
It encourages.
Love is total acceptance.
It is blind to fault.
Love is your pillar.

Love is ambrosia.
It feeds you and gives you strength.
It gives you life.
Love is truth.
It is never dishonest.
Love is open.
There are no secrets in love.
Love is sharing.
It is not jealous or possessive.
Love is food to your heart and mind.

Love is the sea.
It comes in waves~
and there are highs and lows.
Love is enduring.
True love never fades or dies.
Love is deep.
It reaches to the innermost regions of the heart.
Love is free.
There is never a price attached to it.
Love is the water of life.

Copyright 1999 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.