Let Nature Praise the Lord

May the mighty river open its mouth to sing.
May the wind speak through the chimes that ring.
May the solemn oak open its heart and rejoice.
May the bird on the branches raise its voice.
May the mountains praise in a rumbling tone.
May the flowers sway so their joy is shown.
May the soil hum in a worshipful tune.
May illuminated adoration pour from the Moon.
May the stars’ twinkle be a dance of delight.
May the Sun radiate pure love in its light.
Yea, may the Universe sing in worship and praise.
Should no man have a voice left to raise.
To God be all the honor. To God be all the glory!
May all of His Creation tell us His story!
When man forgets Him and He is ignored,
May Nature His Creation, praise the Lord!

© Copyright 2009 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.