I never saw the light,
until I traveled through the dark.
I never felt complete,
until I fell apart.

I never saw so clearly,
until I looked through a veil of tears.
I never felt true courage,
until I surrendered to my fears.

I never learned how to love,
until I was loved first.
I never felt satisfied,
until I felt true thirst.

I never felt true joy,
until I learned how to cry.
I never experienced peace,
until I stopped asking why.

I never knew the truth,
until I lived a lie.
I never learned how to live,
until I learned how to die.

I never truly walked with God,
until I finally stood still.
I never had the life I wanted,
until I surrendered my will.

I never stood so tall,
until I fell to my knees.
I never felt truly blessed,
until the Lord I sought to please.

Copyright 2011 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.