Hello and welcome to Heather's Poetry Site. This is my personal website dedicated to my writing, most of which (as the title of this website indicates) is my original poetry. Here you will find many of my poems, as well as my dedication pages, awareness pages, and spirit pages for the different teams on website competitions I compete in. A scroll box (which includes a Site Index) is below that will take you to all of these pages.

Please feel free to take a look around, but leave everything where you find it as all of my writing is copyrighted soley by me with all publication rights reserved and the graphics and websets found on this site have been used by permission. If you don't mind, please sign my guestbook below to let me know you were here. Also feel free to email me anytime! Thanks again and come back soon!

Please note that the views expressed on this website are my own and do not reflect the views of my employer. Also note that any views expressed in the guestbook are the personal views of the author(s) and are not a reflection of my own personal views. Thank you.

Please sign my guestbook and let me know you were here!

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