In All Things

I believe God counts my tears and collects them in His palm,
Then in His grace and mercy turns them into a healing balm.
He then anoints me, pouring the balm back into my soul.
So I can show compassion to others no matter where I go.

Compassion borne of experience and empathy.
Love laced with true understanding and mercy.
God blesses me with His loving, tender grace.
Then I can bless others so through me they see His face.

God wraps me up tightly in the shelter of His wings.
And to my loneliness and sorrow He tenderly sings.
Softly in my ear and heart He whispers songs of peace.
And cradles me in His arms until all my sorrows cease.

God is with me through all things, both the good and bad.
Nothing compares to His Love, nothing better can be had.
And though I often stumble or flat on my face I fall.
God will always rescue me, once to Him I call.

And though I make my own plans, both big and very small.
God still directs my footsteps and He guides me through it all.
When I trust in Him He removes all my worries and doubts.
Then He celebrates over me with feasting and joyful shouts.

God rejoices over me, and in me He takes joy.
For I am a work of His Own hands and not a simple toy.
I belong to the King of Kings and I worship at His throne.
As long as I trust in Him I shall never be alone.

Copyright Heather Bahnmaier 2011. All rights reserved.