I love you so much~
sometimes it makes me ache.
And a lot of times it scares me~
to think I could feel so much for someone else.

My love is beyond flesh, blood, and bone.
Itís not just in my mind.
Itís even deeper than my heart and soul.
Itís a part of my spirit, my entire being.

You are my safety net.
You are my home.
You are my country.
You are my everything.

In your arms I am safe.
I am complete.
I am yours.
I am one with you.

Who could ask for more?
I could not.
I have found what love songs are written about.
With you.

When weíre apart~
I am lost.

I count the minutes until you come home.
Like right now.
And the days drag out~
until I feel like an ancient crone.

But when you return~
what bliss!
Words cannot describe such joy!
To melt into your embrace is all I can dream of.

After all of these years~
I have never met anyone like you.
A person who loves me so completely~
despite my many failings.

You are always there for me.
You are always on my side~
even when Iím wrong.
But you make sure I know Iím wrong, then love me anyway.

You have always wanted whatís best for me~
even if that wasnít YOU.
Ah, but it was always YOU~
do you know that?

I love you.
I want you.
I need you.

Iíve said those words a thousand times.
But I always mean it.
And I always will.
Because itís true.

Yes, I love you so much it aches.
And it terrifies me too.
But that sharp edge of my love~
lets me know Iím alive.

Thank you~
for letting me love you~
and for loving me~
so passionately.

Copyright © 2001 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.