I had a dream of love~
The Earth was our bed~
The moon was our pillow~
The stars in the sky were our cover.

We held each other tightly~
Our bodies intertwined.
Our souls touched for a fleeting moment~
And we were one.

Then the Earth trembled~
And burst open down its center~
Suddenly we were separated~
And I reached for you in vain.

The Earth swallowed you whole~
And you were lost to me.
My soul torn in two~
My heart left broken in stony pieces.

My eyes cried rivers of tears~
That flowed and became the seas.
My voice cried out in sorrow~
And it became the wind.

Where are you my love?
I look for you day and night.
Return to my side where you belong~
I will not rest until we are one again.

Copyright 2000 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.