There is one thing Iím certain of in this life-
Yes through every trial and each tribulation-
I am fully certain of my salvation.

On this journey in the midst of each storm-
God is always with me keeping me safe and warm.
He covers me completely with His wings-
And watches over me and tenderly sings.

Only under His shadow is found joy and peace-
So may my thankfulness and praise never cease.
The Lord is my shelter, my guide and only hope.
In Him I am victorious and do more than just cope.

The Lord carries me on His back through the sky-
And takes me to great heights where I can fly.
I am fully certain that the Lord is with me-
And only in Him can I fulfill my destiny.

The Lord is ever holding me safely in His palm-
So through each storm I can remain completely calm.
Through the Lord alone is love, peace, and security.
And I look forward to praising Him for all of eternity.

Copyright © 2011 Heather S. Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.