I was in a hurry~
when he asked me for the ride.
I told him not to worry~
I'd have him home by five.

So I dropped him at the apartment~
but I didn't pay attention.
I just drove off to my appointment.
And now your boy is missing.

Did he make it to the door?
I cannot even say.
He just said good bye once more~
and then I sped away.

Well, now it's been a week~
and he hasn't come home yet.
But he has a rebellious streak~
he'll be home soon I bet.

Okay, it's been a month~
and they're running out of clues.
They've examined my car trunk~
and every pair of my shoes.

Now it's been a year~
and still he's not been found.
Now there is the fear~
that he won't be back around.

So now it's been a decade~
they found him just last spring.
It was too late for him to be saved.
He was buried beneath a swing.

The fault is all mine~
I'll say it once more.
If I'd only taken time~
to see him to the door.

Copyright 1999 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.