This poem was written and submitted to the Angels of the Garden Halloween Poem Contest of 2009. It took first place!

A Grave Encounter

Lying on the ground-
in the pitch black night.
Not a light in the sky.
Not even moonlight.

The girl in the graveyard-
on a child’s dare.
Friends had taunted her-
“Of spirits you beware!”

So she lies motionless-
near a granite headstone.
Waiting to see ghosts-
but believing she’s alone.

But creeping up behind her-
a sharp weapon in hand-
with an evil gleam in his eyes-
comes an awful man.

Intending to do harm.
Intending to murder.
Comes the well armed man.
An unwanted intruder.

The snapping of a twig-
alerts his tender prey.
And she leaps to her feet-
and quickly runs away.

Cursing under his breath-
the killer gives chase.
Pursuing the innocent girl.
Both in a deadly race.

The girl looks about-
for a place to hide.
Aware he’s drawing nearer-
with each and every stride.

Ducking behind a mausoleum-
she tries to catch her breath.
Willing her heart to still-
praying to avoid death.

Then she slowly smiles-
as she recalls a memory.
Remembering what she is now-
now what she used to be.

She hears the man approaching-
and steps into his path.
Then grabs him by the throat-
and brings him vampires wrath.

The moral should be plain.
The lesson should be clear.
In a graveyard at night-
even killers have much to fear!

© Copyright 2009 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.