God's Song

In all things good and bad,
take the time to rejoice.
Open your heart and mind,
and to the Lord raise your voice.

As the day passes by,
to the Lord may you sing,
so that joy for our God,
throughout the world may ring.

When the night falls upon you,
lift your hands in praise.
The Lord will give you comfort.
Your spirits He will raise.

In each passing moment,
listen to Godís Spirit.
Humbly incline your ear,
so that you may clearly hear it.

At the rising of the sun,
and in its setting too,
live your life just for the Lord,
who greatly blesses you.

Make a sacrifice of praise,
to the Lord as the day begins.
Then give thanks to Him above,
for your blessings as it ends.

Let every passing moment,
to the Lord alone belong.
Your life is a piece of music,
and only God can write its song.

© Copyright 2009 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.