God's Love

I have no doubt Lord,
that it was Your passion,
that led You to make
all of creation.
You made the sea, the sky
and the entire world
so that we would see
Your majesty unfurled.

You oh God,
are the unquenchable fire.
The love of Your people
is all You desire.
You yearn for us
so You burn bright.
Through pitch black darkness
You’re the eternal light.

You sent Your Son
so we would know
that You long to save
each and every soul. revealed to the world
Your loyalty.

I cannot believe
it took so many years,
so many trials
and so many tears,
for me to see that
no matter what I feel,
Your love is always there,
Your love is real.

Copyright © 2009 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved