With love from Regina

with love from Lady Lyla

from Regina

Silken Butterfly Pave - Deborah Shepard©2008 Yelm USA

Hummingbirds dance shall be soft demure
Sculptured edges of laced ledge
Beautiful silken butterfly tigress
Neath’ my forgotten pave’ wings

Enchantment seeds flourish
As the suited plumes release light
Winged vesper each notable sound
Lovely faerie’s dance around

Sterling leaves shall etch the roses in bloom
Hanging in collective lights above
Trailing across the trellises with love
Bisque laughter brings me above

Moonlights lullabies shall sing
I will wait till you come my fairy’s king
Dance in the midsummer’s eve
While amethyst stars shall sing our name

Deborah Shepard©2008 Yelm


With love from Lisa- Marie


October will be the spoil month of Heather. Butterfly Heather. Have fun!

Special effects are from Dynamic Drive

January 2008
Art by Penny Parker
All graphics © Fergygrrl Designs