The Angel - Albert Gazeley©2004

Iím the Angel of the worlds forgotten folk
People that have slipped between the cracks
Those that think they are destined for destruction
And that thereís no hope of turning back

Its my job to show them an alternative
To pour enlightenment on their doom
To wake them from their nightmare
And bounce sunbeams around their room

I explain why life can be quite wonderful
Regardless of their misery or their plight
I inspire them with possible solutions
For I am the Angel that sets things right

If your curious about what I look like
Iím traditionally angelic like a Dresden doll
But appearances are not important
When your dealing with someoneís soul

But Iíve the ability to change my appearance
So you never see me come and go
I could be your next-door neighbour
Or perhaps a Robin in the snow

My magic has no boundaries
And my manifestation has no set form
I just come to Earth to fix people up
As the Angel of the Forgotten and Forlorn

So if you are feeling down and out
And it seems the worlds unfair
Take a careful look at those around
For undoubtedly Iím there


With love from Lisa Marie



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With love from Lisa- Marie


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