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The Butterfly Ball - Jo Riche2009ゥNorthampton UK

June 12th, 2009
Come to the Butterfly ball,
And dance in the moonlit hall,
Under the trees,
With the birds and the bees,
With the fairies for you to enthral.

They値l cast down their light from the skies,
It will sparkle and dazzle your eyes,
You値l see them all there,
Afloat in the air,
With their magic that none can deny.

Sit in the magic light circle,
Upon soft petals of purple,
Twirl in the breeze,
Drink honeydew mead,
Upon the back of a turtle.

The Pixies and elves will be there,
They値l run round your toes without care,
They値l sing and they値l dance,
In a midsummer痴 trance,
And each will have mischief to share.

So come to the butterfly ball,
Just follow the great waterfall,
By the rainbows end,
Were the silver brook bends,
Where the nightingale sings out her call.

Jo Riche2009ゥNorthampton UK

From Lisa Marie!

With love from Lisa- Marie


October will be the spoil month of Heather. Butterfly Heather. Have fun!

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