Januari 2010 will be the spoilmonth for Heather!!!!

An Inspired Poem
By Angel7


A simple smile, a loving word, a joke to brighten up the day,
A phone call when you're not at your best, a light to lead the way,
An ear to listen a heart to accept, to love and understand,
The simple way you came to me, the gentle touch of your hand.


The way we think a lot alike on fun or serious things,
It seems to be this friendship has taken to it's wings.
Through days and weeks and even months we have shared a lot "deep" within,
But guaranteed with love and trust, that's a good way to begin.


For when two people such as us, can meet and almost blend,
I've read your heart, I know your mind, and am "greatful" to call you Friend. 


with love from Mary


Hugs from Regina

Hugs for Heather

from Lisa



Have fun Spoil Time. Hugs from the Guestbookbutterflies.

For Heather!!!!