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Welcome to my Guestbook Butterflies' Page! I'm Papillon Poetess and I flutter with all the other Butterflies bringing love, warmth, cheer, and comfort to others' guestbooks. Below you will find poetry I have written for others' guestbooks as Papillon Poetess, some graphics (including my plaque), and a link to an entire page of gifts I've received from other Butterflies. Note: all links open in a new window.

Specifically, I'm an Owl butterfly. Also known as the Caligo!

My first Butterfly Guestbook Poem:

One need not have a voice-
for even the breeze, river, and spirit sings.
So in order to take flight-
one need not have a pair of wings.

All one must do is imagine-
with an open mind and closed eyes-
then they’ll see themselves flying-
sailing and floating through the skies.

We are all beautiful butterflies-
graceful, powerful, colorful, and bright.
And with open hearts and minds-
it’s possible for us all to take flight!

~Papillon Poetess~

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Heart Butterfly from the Guestbook Butterflies!

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