As you gather around the dinner table~
and join your hands in prayer~
giving thanks for friends and family~
including those who can't be there....
Remember the less fortunate~
those who serve as a reminder~
that not everyone has a wonderful life~
so we should all strive to be much kinder.
Remember the homeless out on the streets~
and the elderly alone in nursing homes.
The children who'll never live to adulthood~
and the dogs and cats nobody owns.
Please say a prayer for them~
and bless their lot.
And please don't ever forget~
all of the good things you've got.
Yes, be thankful you aren't one of them~
as you bow your head in Thanksgiving.
You can never be truly thankful~
without a heart that is kind and giving!

Copyright 1999. Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.