"An Empty Nest"

This place feels so empty,
so cold and so alone.
Without another presence here,
it doesn't feel like home.

Echoing silence throughout,
all of the rooms and halls.
And the only faces I see,
hang in frames upon the walls.

There's not a single voice,
not a peal of laughter heard.
Since this little nest has said,
good bye to its last bird.

The fracturing of these branches,
off the root of this family tree,
is painful and saddening,
even though it's meant to be.

The deafening silence herein,
and the emptiness all around,
merely speaks of mature lives,
with new adventures to be found.

Tis a strange assurance,
this silence, to my heart,
that the end of my little nest,
is to them a wonderful start.

So fill my home and heart, Lord,
with Your presence and love.
And never ever let me forget,
my true home is above.

And protect my little branches,
as their roots deepen and bud.
Watch over my tender shoots, Lord.
For they've been purchased with Your blood.

Help me hold onto the hope,
that I have for my family.
That one day we'll be with You, God,
for a peaceful and joyous eternity.

Until that day I thank you, Lord,
for the gift of my dear children.
I've surrendered them to You, God.
So Father please watch over them.

And when the day comes that,
their homes feel empty too,
be with them in their hearts, Lord,
and remind them to trust in You.

Copyright 2013 Heather S. Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.