Well love, there can be no denying~
inside, I feel like dying.
A bottle of pills or slashed wrists.
Anything, to find eternal bliss.
Constant sorrow, constant pain.
Day after day, it's always the same.
I see no point. I have no hope.
I'm just sliding down a slippery slope.
God help me, I can't stand my life.
It's full of pain, heartache, emptiness, and strife.
Doesn't anyone listen to the sound of my voice?
What can I do? I don't see a choice.
At the end of the tunnel, there is no light.
There is no way to make this wrong right.
I won't carry on living this way.
There just isn't any point to live another day.

Copyright 1999 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.

Suicide is never an option...