With a whimsical notion, I watch the clown~
his painted on smile concealing a frown.
What if I were to remove his mask?
Oh, it would not be a difficult task.
I would leap from the audience onto the stage~
and wipe off his paint, revealing his rage.
Some in the crowd would leap to their feet~
while others in horror, would be glued to their seats.
Tears would flow from the clown's hate filled eyes~
further smearing his clever disguise.
Most of the crowd would then boo and hiss.
I then the ham, would blow them a kiss.
Security would hastily usher me out~
and from behind me I'd hear the clown shout~
"I'll see that you're an outcast for the rest of your life!~
For a ticket of admission, you most pay a price!"
As I sit in the audience and watch him perform~
I decide to stay inside where it's warm.
Let some other fool remove the clown's mask.
As for me, I'm not up to the task.

Copyright 1992 Heather Bahnmaier. All rights reserved.