Burn Hot, Burn Bright!

The Sun has hidden its face,
refusing its warmth and light.
The azure tinted sky is drained,
leaving behind a pale hue of fright.

The clouds are knit together,
resembling a grayish gauze.
While bare and leafless trees,
shoot from the earth like twisted claws.

The ground is solid and dry,
completely lifeless and bare.
And the cold wind whips around,
like blades thrown through the air.

Now has gone the emerald green,
that lived in each stem and leaf.
Now the world is gray and brown,
washed in colors of grief.

Where oh, where has gone the light?
Where oh, where has gone the heat?
Why oh, why has gone our Sun,
on such a cold and hazy retreat?

Return to us oh Brilliant One.
Bring to us warmth and light.
Restore to us Your brilliant shine.
Oh fiery Sun, burn hot! Burn bright!

Copyright 2012 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.