For over a year~
you were here~
as a "friend" and "confidant."

Then you turned on me~
set my secrets free.
Oh, a true friend is all I want.

Yes, I know that I must~
be able to trust.
But I know now that doesn't mean you.

Your heart is cold~
your friendship mere mold~
and your words completely untrue.

Like knives in my back~
your words attack~
my soul, my being, and more.

I do not apologize~
for exposing your lies~
what have I to be sorry for?

Good bye former friend~
we have reached the end~
of our journey on this path.

But still I pray~
that there won't come the day~
when you get a taste of your own wrath.

Copyright 1999 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.