It was a starry night
in the heavenly sky
when I looked up above,
my gaze up high.
As I stared long and hard
into the heavenly eye,
my heart was heavy,
my life felt like a lie.
I shivered and trembled,
as my end felt nigh.
So I prayed to the Lord
with a heartfelt sigh.
“Save me!” I said.
It was a piteous cry.
“I can’t live this way,
‘til the day I die!”
God answered my prayer.
My salvation His reply.
He saved me from grief
so my tears are now dry.
He took me in His wings
so that I might fly.
And He leads me along,
to places on high.
I can’t earn His grace,
even though I may try.
God gives grace freely,
and I don’t ask why.
Yes, God saved me,
via a starry sky.
And His deep love for me
I can never deny.

© Copyright 2012 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.