In the still of night I had a vision~
of walking down the wooded path~
in the forest of dreams.

And there in my arms~
I carried an angel~
cradled against by breast.

I looked upon his innocent face~
and saw my smile reflected back in his eyes~
and I sighed with contentment.

My hopes and dreams~
were wings on his back.
He would not be bound to the earth.

In his eyes I saw love~
a promise of answered prayer~
and a legacy all my own.

But my angel faded away~
before my very eyes~
my empty arms heavy with his memory.

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder~
and a voice of comfort at my ear~
bidding me no sorrow.

"What you had was a sweet dream~
Don't ask what could have been~
For it shall one day be."

"For as with all dreams,
that are sometimes lost,
They always return to us."

And so my heart was bathed~
in the healing balm of my tears~
and I knew that my angel was at peace.

It was there on the wooded path~
That I loved a angel that came from me~
An angel that I will soon hold again.

Copyright 2000 Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.

The Compassionate Friends