An Eternity of Happy Days

I've endured a lot of loss
these past couple of years.
This has brought a lot of pain.
This has brought a lot of tears.
I've wrestled with constant doubt.
I've wrestled with awful fears.
I've been tempted to run and hide
when it seems resolution nears.

Yet still I'm staying strong
and with God I'm standing tall.
For I know Lord Jesus loves me
and He will not let me fall.
I know deep down inside
He will see me through it all.
He will remain by my side
until I answer His final call.

This has not been an easy road.
Of that I can attest.
Life is often very difficult
and often times I'm a mess.
But God is always there for me
and He holds me against His chest.
So I still believe in Him
and my faith with pass each test.

The Lord truly shelters me
in the shadow of His wings.
Where I can take refuge in Him
and hear how His Spirit sings.
His loving grace gives me strength
to let go of all painful things.
And reside in His loving embrace
where eternal hope springs.

The Lord God is my refuge.
The Lord God is my only hope.
He alone gives me what I need
so that in all things I can cope.
Even when I'm down in the pit
where I can only blindly grope.
God is always there to rescue me
by lowering His spiritual rope.

All worldly things will pass away.
All whole things will break or bust.
Family and friends will leave or die.
Precious metals will turn to rust.
Even I will one day leave this world.
And my bones will turn to dust.
But God's love endures forever.
So in Him alone I put my trust.

God alone is faithful and true.
God alone is worthy of praise.
So to God alone I'll sing my song.
And to God alone my hands I'll raise.
Though life is often a mighty struggle.
A seemingly endless, pointless maze.
There is salvation in the end.
And an enternity of happy days!

Copyright 2013 Heather S. Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.