"A Hand"

Why is it only in times of crisis
do we consider Your existence?
Why is it only in difficulty
that we pursue You with persistence?

Who are we to question You
when anything goes wrong,
when otherwise we won’t acknowledge You
in even a three minute song?

Do we only love You
when the chips are down?
Is it only in sorrow and despair
that we can see Your crown?

How is it You can watch over us,
through good times and bad,
when we only look up to You
when we’re hurt, angry, or sad?

How is it You tolerate us
and continually show us love,
when the only time we come to You
is to get some gifts from above?

Dear God, Infinite Creator,
and Master of the Universe
Why do we never learn Your ways
and apply each chapter and verse?

Heavenly Father answer me,
and help me understand.
Why do You still give us Your heart,
when all we want is a hand?

© Copyright Heather Bahnmaier. All Rights Reserved.